Follow The Right Seafood Etiquette To Avoid Embarrassment In Public

The etiquette for eating is not the same for every food. The table manner for eating continental food is different, a dessert is different and seafood is different. The etiquette for eating sea food differs depending upon the type of seafood.

Are you planning to visit Dubai? If so, then Dubai Marina is a must to visit place. This artificial canal city is famous for its striking buildings and awesome skyscrapers. Dubai Marina restaurants offer a variety of tasty and mouth watering delicacies. Seafood is one of their specialties. Before visiting Dubai you should increase your knowledge on seafood etiquette.

seafood restaurant

How to eat lobster

Use lobster crackers, if the claws are not cracked. Pull the meat with a fork after cracking the claws. Use lobster pick to eat small pieces.

How to eat mussels

Use a fork to extract the meat from the mussels. Empty shells should be left on a spare plate.

How to eat prawns

Give a sharp tug to remove the tail and head of the prawns. Bend the prawn to loosen it from its shell. Then peel the shell off. Remove the black thread like part and then eat the meat.

How to eat oysters

Oysters are not generally served closed. All you have to do is to hook it to oyster fork and devour.

How to eat crab

Use tongs to crack the shell of the crab. Then use a fork to pull the meat and eat.

How to eat whole fish

Remove the head of the fish from behind gills. To remove the bones use a knife to slit the fish from top to bottom. Remove the bones after laying the fish flat on the plate.

Dubai Marina restaurants are very popular that you see a lot of the rich and famous dining. It is important to follow seafood etiquette to avoid embarrassment.

Get ready to enjoy sumptuous seafood but do make sure you follow the right etiquette.

Indian Restaurants In Foreign Countries And The Services They Offer

People living in abroad do miss their loved ones as much as they miss the food and eateries which they enjoyed in their country. Anyone living in abroad faces a common problem and that is lack of Indian food. Every individual living in a foreign country craves for traditional Indian food which is rich in taste and spices. Living in a foreign country can give its share of merits but lack of proper vegetarian food is one demerit which is faced by the Indians.

indian food

Of late this problem has found its solution through the availability of Indian eateries and restaurants in foreign countries. There are a number of popular restaurants that have come in recent years providing best and affordable Indian food. Ipswich in England has many Indian restaurants which offer the services of takeaway. These restaurants provide best Indian food with lots of varieties to offer. Indian restaurants are quite popular in this town. If you are visiting Ipswich then you can easily take your meal from the Ipswich takeaway and enjoy it at your hotel.

Indian restaurants and their significance in abroad

Variety – India is a big country and people from different regions get settled in abroad. Different people have different eating preferences and Indian restaurants cater to the need of people of every region. These restaurants provide a wide variety of foods like North Indian food, South Indian food etc.

Delivery and takeaways options- restaurants in abroad also provide the facility of home delivery and takeaways service. They pack the food items in the best way so that they remain fresh and eatable. Home delivery is quite convenient and can be availed just by making a call or placing an order online.

Catering Services For Different Kinds Of Events


No matter what is the event, food is the ultimate factor in determining the success of the event. All the events including seminar, party, wedding etc. end with servicing the delicious food to the guests. This is the reason why many guests focus on the catering services while arranging for the parties. It can be a daunting task to find the right cook and make separate arrangement for the crockery and other things for the party. In Devon, Hosts prefer to take services of the professional catering companies to make the party successful. They help to reduce your worry by providing quality services.

Different types of catering services

  • Wedding catering Services: catering services for the wedding parties are in great demand. These days, hosts want to make their wedding day unforgettable thus, they hire professional wedding catering in Devon.  Some of the professional wedding caterers offer wedding packages which include services for all the wedding events including engagement, wedding and reception party.
  • Business catering Services: there are various corporate events for which catering services are hired by the business organizations. Generally due to long meetings, seminars and conferences people are devoid of their meals. Thus, business caterers offer services for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the business clients.

Services offered by the catering companies

green decor

Here is a list of services offered by the catering companies:

  • Equipment hire
  • Bar hire
  • Marquee hire
  • Serving food
  • Table cleaning
  • Linen hire for the tables

But many caterers do not provide all these services, thus you should check the list of services offered by the catering company.

Mobile Bar Hire – The Sure Shot Idea to Make Your Party a Big Success

girls drinking cocktail
If you wish to serve drinks on your special occasions, then you must surely consider going for the mobile bar. These bars are quite common these days, and are being used for various occasions like festivals, awards ceremonies, cocktail parties, weddings, engagements, birthday parties, corporate events, etc.

In addition to having an extensive fleet or collections of transportable bars, some mobile bar services also provide customized designs, as per the theme of your party and cocktail making classes (like these guys

Unbelievable options to choose from:

These bars are available in various different designs, heights, and sizes. That will give you the freedom of choosing the right types, as per the number of guests you are expecting, and according to the availability of space in the venue.

When you go for a mobile bar hire Bristol services, the service providers also send bartenders to serve your guests. Their numbers will depend upon the type of bar that you have chosen. You won’t have to worry about taking care of your guests, as they will take up the entire responsibility on your behalf.

Set it up and build the mood:

The service providers will work closely with you on each and every step of party arrangements. They will also provide you with the cost estimation for organizing different types of parties. You could also choose the bars with LED illumination. It will surely be a big hit, if you position it close to the DJ counter.

The bartenders, whom they send for onsite party locations, are very experienced and skilled. They love to prepare some of the exotic cocktails that you and your guests will truly relish.

How To Look For A Wedding Caterer

Part of wedding preparation is finding a wedding caterer that best fits your requirements and specifications. To make your search for the best wedding caterers a breeze, here are the simple ways on how you can do it:

  • Wedding Expos: Wedding expos are attended by soon-to-wed couples, wedding coordinators, and wedding suppliers. Wedding caterers never dare miss out on the opportunity to participate in this event. This is the best venue for them to showcase the taste and quality of their food, their set-up, facilities, and other wedding services.
  • Events and gatherings: When you attend an event or gathering and got impressed with the taste of food, the food choices, the presentation of the buffet table, and everything else, do take note on who catered to that occasion. You can ask for a calling card, set an appointment, and discuss with the caterer your upcoming wedding.
  • Wedding coordinators: If you will be hiring a wedding coordinator on your big day, he/she can actually be of big help in looking for a wedding caterer. The wedding coordinator has a vast knowledge when it comes to wedding suppliers, caterers included. He/she has already encountered too many wedding caterers, that he/she knows at once which among them perfectly suits your wedding day.
  • Online search: Reputable wedding caterers have their own websites and there, you can view their rates, availability, food line-up, and many more. There are also packages that you can consider, such as catering with wedding host, catering with wedding singer, catering with additional flower set-up, so on and so forth.

Tips to Consider When Hiring A Caterer For Your Party

The first thing that comes to our mind when hearing the word party is lots of fun and tasty food. So, if you are looking forward to throw a kids party, it is necessary that you pay great attention on hiring the caterers. The professionals will not only help you in deciding the best menu but will also make sure that your guests are properly served. If the party is organized specially for kids, smoothies and desserts should be the main attraction. Hence, you should consider hiring the breakfast Pensacola FL services who are known to excel in preparing different kinds of delicious and relishing smoothies.


Here are some top tips that will help you in hiring the best services to make your party a memorable one.

  • The first thing that you can do is to go online and look for the services that hold specialization in creating different kinds of smoothies.
  • Another important thing of consideration is that they should use fresh and high quality ingredients to prepare the smoothies.
  • Apart from the smoothies, they should also excel in preparing different meals.
  • Before hiring any service provider make sure that you go through its menu and also taste the dishes prepared by them. This will help you in finding a service provider that makes delicious food.
  • The cost of offering the services is another thing that needs to be discussed beforehand. Do not forget to ask about any hidden or additional costs involved so as to avoid paying extra at the end of the event.